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Quality Process

We are committed To achieve a high level of customer satisfaction through delivering them high quality and world class product and services and meet customer's needs and expectations by delivering competitive services and solutions through continual improvement of our systems.

At Our state-of-the-art development centre aim driving all our working engagement is to provide a cost-effective solution that delivers highest quality results. We adopts a highly flexible model for development to easily incorporate with the changing demands of clients.

Quality Objectives: Deliver high quality product and services that fully meet customer requirements Continually customer satisfaction through continual improvement in process Reduce rework and improve productivity

The delivery framework the following distinct phases:

Planning : Analyze your requirements, evaluate your current environment and design a process and architecture map. It would result a detailed view of deliverable. Estimation of Use Case scenarios based on relative sizing through functional points.

Architect & Design: Analyse the functional specs thoroughly and consideration of hardware and software platforms, a detailed technical design of the solution is drawn up.

Iterative development: Early demonstration of functionality throughout the project life cycle not in the end of development.

Change Management: Tightly controlled change management in each iteration and incorporate change as part of the project.

Continuous integration: Frequently integration of system while development is going on and fix the integration issues in early stage.

Test driven development: Evolutionary approach to development which combines test-first development where we write a test before we write production code to fulfil that test and refactoring. Reducing the amount of time needed, improve the productivity and reduce the cost.

Roll out and Maintenance: The deployed solution is then monitored till it achieves its performance goals.

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