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Gain hands-on experience solving hot technology and industry challenges and keep pace with emerging ones, while benefitting from the experience of seasoned and talented professionals. Plus, get the benefits of great corporate visibility, high levels of project ownership, and ongoing training and professional development. If you possess the passion and commitment to achieve your career goals, work with us and watch your career soar!

Hands-on cutting edge technologies, solving industry challenges working with talented professionals and leaders in technology. Great corporate visibility, high levels of project ownership. Ongoing trainning and professional development.

We welcome you if you are :

  1. Interested in learning and have a creative mind that enjoys the challenges of application development
  2. Gets excited about clean code but knows that ugly code is out there and dealing with it is a necessity sometimes
  3. Enjoys client interaction and problem solving, in a passionate way.
  4. Knows the tools of your trade
  5. Wants to raise the skill level of the whole team, not just themselves
  6. Has the ability to play well with others – we will be welcoming you into our team
  7. Has the ability to work independently – coding, testing, gathering requirements, and communicating with clients
  8. Knows the value of a great user experience when it comes to building applications
  9. Accepts the fact that mistakes will be made and that every experience is an opportunity to get better and improve the working processes within the agency
  10. Appreciates that meetings are necessary but detests unnecessarily long or unproductive ones. You can’t wait to leave a meeting and go back to writing code!
  11. Knows that open, honest and productive communication is key to project success
  12. Believes that working less hours smarter is better than working more hours harder
  13. Knows that perfection may not be possible but aiming for excellence is realistic
  14. Wants a full-time position in a growing company

Mail your CV : carrier@zwaveinc.com

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